Orion Space Craft Arrival At KSC

Orion Space Craft Arrives at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Back in February 2016 The NASA Super Guppy aircraft landed safely at Kennedy Space Center with the Orion Space Craft. The space craft is being built in New Orleans, LA by Lockheed Martin. The role of the space craft is to go beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and take a crew of four to Mars and other destinations NASA chooses to go.

Below is an interactive 360° image of the Super Guppy aircraft on the historic Space Shuttle Landing Facility. In the image you can see the unique way this plane opens its cargo bay. The bay opens in the front with the nose cap swiveling out of the way allowing technicians to remove the precious cargo.

Still images from when the Orion arrived at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

After technicians removed the Orion from the Super Guppy plane they moved it to the Operations and Checkout Building a few miles down the road from the Space Shuttle Landing Facility. Media was invited back out to view the spaceship inside the OCB for about 45 mins. Here are a few images I was able to capture while in the OCB with my panoramic pole.

The shot I am most proud of from this day at NASA is the 435 mega pixel image I created.

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