ULA Atlas V OA-6 Launch

United Launch Alliance OA-6

On March 8 2016 media was invited to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to photograph the Cygnus capsule inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility (PHSF). While inside the PHSF the media was given about 45 mins to photograph the Cygnus capsule. During that time I was able to capture the below 312 mega pixel 360° image of the capsule and media inside the building as well as other images you can find on my main website www.Biz360Tours.com.

312 mega pixel image is best viewed in full screen mode.

To capture the 312 mega pixel image, I used the Canon 5D mkii with the Canon 24-105mm lense. The ultra high resolution image consist of 45 normal images stitched into on large image.

Atlas V OA-6 Night Launch

On March 22 2016 ULA launched the OA-6 mission to the International Space Station. I was able to view and photograph the night launch from the press site. In the 360° image below you can see the arch of the rocket in the long exposure image. The 360° image of the night launch is a one of a kind, no other media is currently capturing rocket trails  in long exposures like this.

To capture this long exposure 360° image I used the Canon 6D with the Sigma 8mm fisheye lens.

View more images of the Cygnus inside the PHSF and the Launch.

Learn more about the OA-6 mission on the United Launch Alliance website.

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