St. John’s River Aerial Panorama

St. John’s River Aerial 360 Panorama

360° aerial panorama of the St. John’s River by State Road 520 in Brevard County, Florida. After a couple of days of rain, I was able to take the Phantom 3 professional out to photograph some 360° images for the first time. I am please with the result of the drone holding its position to capture all 26 images images in 3 rows to create the majority of the panorama. For the sky I had to do a full replacement since the gimbal on the drone does not allow me to capture more of the sky.
Click the “play” button below to look around the aerial image over the river.

Aerial 360° Little Planet
St. John's River Aerial 360 Degree Panorama,

These aerial images are not for sale.

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