Google Glass 360

World’s First Google Glass 360 Panoramic.

Back in 2014 when I was participating in the Google Glass Explorer Program, I put the device through some tough tests. One of the test was to see if Glass could handle taking rapid images (1-2 seconds apart). Well the device had its limits and I definitely pushed it beyond those limits a few times. While trying to capture the first ever Google Glass 360° image captured on a pair of Glass, the device overheated and shutdown in the middle of capturing the images. Out of 45 shots I am missing about 12-15 as they would not transfer off Glass and onto my hard drive. Maybe the images were corrupted. Either way I proceeded to stitch the images to see if the process would work. When capturing a 360 degree image one of the most important things is to make sure the camera is in manual mode however the Google Glass camera would only shoot in automatic mode. In the image you can see where the camera had to adjust the exposure settings to compensate for the bright sun.

Here is a flat example of the image, the black hole is where I was missing the images.

Google Glass 360 image.


Here is the Google Glass 360 degree image displayed on Google Maps

Yes there are a few stitching errors in the image but the test was not about a perfectly stitched panoramic. While this technique would work fine outdoors, shooting a panoramic with Google Glass indoors would have had too many issues. 

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