NASA Orion Crew Capsule Photo Op

NASA’s Orion Crew Capsule Inside The Operations and Checkout Building.

On September 8th media was invited back to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building (O&C) where the Orion Capsule is continuously being prepared for the launch. This time the Orion crew capsule for Exploration Mission 1 was inside a clean room within the O&C where technicians recently completed the installation of the spacecraft’s critical systems, including propellant lines. During the media tour, Scott Wilson, NASA manager of production operations for the Orion Program was there to answer any questions media had. Media was allowed 20-30 minutes inside the Neil Armstrong Operations and Checkout Building to gather content for any article, blog, social media blast or video to be created.

It was good to see another photographer using a Ricoh Theta S camera along with his traditional digital camera setup. You can see him in the first 360° VR image below. I do not think he was using the Theta to gather content for commercial use as much as I think it was for his personal collection, however still good to spot another 360 camera in the wild.

Below is one of a few 360° VR panoramic images I captured while inside the Operations and Checkout Building high bay.

In the below 360° virtual reality image media interview Scott Wilson as the Orion Crew Capsule sits inside a clean room behind him.

Below in the 360° VR image you can see media still interviewing Scott Wilson and other media representatives taking photos of the Crew Capsule.

Orion Crew Capsule inside the O&C

Last time I was in the Operations and Checkout Building the spacecraft had just arrived to Kennedy Space Center. To learn more about NASA’s Orion Spacecraft visit the official NASA Orion website. You can also use the following hashtags on social media to get updates – #JourneyToMars #Orion #NASAOrion #ImOnBoard

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