Space Coast Honda Sunset Flight

Sunset Flight Over Space Coast Honda.

On Monday November 7 2016, I did a short flight over Space Coast Honda in Cocoa, Florida around sunset. I spent about 10-15 mins on this flight and captured a total of 51 images of the dealership as the sun was setting. 

On this flight, I used the DJI GO app instead of the Litchi App and shot in full manual mode with capturing RAW .DNG files to edit after flying.

To edit my photos I started with Adobe Lightroom and then did my final touches in Adobe Photoshop.

This was my first flight this late in the evening and I am very happy with the results of the images. I was curious to see how well the drone could take photos in low light. These images were captures with the following settings:

  • DJI Go App
  • Manual Mode
  • SS 1/3 or 1/5 seconds
  • Apeture f/2.8 
  • ISO 100 

A few of the images were captured in HDR mode (I thought I was capturing bracketed shots not in camera HDR) and some of the images were just regular single shots. I need to play with the DJI Go app more to get the correct settings out of the camera that I want. 

You can see more images from this flight at

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