Space Coast Warbird Airshow 2018 – Titusville, Florida

Space Coast Warbird Airshow 2018

On Saturday, April 8th, 2018, I went out to the Space Coast Warbird Airshow 2018, formerly known as the TICO Warbird Airshow, as part of the Air Sports Parachute crew to photograph the team skydiving into the airshow. The Air Sports Parachute Team was supposed to fly a huge 50ft American flag, but due to high winds, they were not able to. The team still had a spectacular entrance to the airshow in Titusville, Florida on a beautiful sunny day.

Thanks to Scott Murray and Perrone Properties, I was able to get a unique perspective of the entire show and aircraft along the flight line. Using the Perrone Properties 45 foot bucket truck, I was able to capture some really interesting images during the air show. Using the Sigma 150-600mm lens, I took some ultra-high-resolution panoramic images of a few aircraft. The highest resolution image from the day came out to be 288 megapixels. The average panoramic resolution was in the 50-150 megapixel range due to the high winds. You can see the reduced size versions towards the bottom of the page.

Here are two 360-degree spherical panoramic images I captured during the National Anthem and the American Flag folding. Click the play button to load the 360-degree interactive image. Once loaded you can look all around.

Below are some images I was able to capture during the airshow.

About the Space Coast Warbird Airshow 2018.

The Space Coast Warbird Airshow 2018 is famous for it’s busy and fast-paced flying program with a mix of historic warbirds, modern jets, and aerobatic teams. This year’s event had plenty of good food, cold drinks, airshow merchandise and exotic cars racing jet planes down the runway.

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