About the Merritt Island Photographer

About the Merritt Island Photographer


This site is for me to share my passion with the world. I have been passionate about photography since I was fifteen years old and have never looked back.

I started out using a film camera and mainly photographed street art in 1998 -2002. Later I shifted in to landscape and wildlife photography with a digital camera.

In 2012, I was applied and was accepted into the Google Maps Street View Trusted program where I basically photography the inside of a business and add them to Google Street View as the “See Inside” feature.

My work has been featured on tops sites such as Google Maps Street View’s Main page and Round.me. Some images were chosen as editors tops picks on sites such as Round.me and 360cities.net.

Take a look around my site and enjoy the images.

Jason Perrone Google Glass

Jason Perrone wearing a pair of Google Glass.

Florida Today article.

The About me page is still under construction, however I have added a few things about myself. I will continue to add things as I work on the site.