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Jason Perrone

My passion for photography began at a young age when I took an elementary school field trip to Washington D.C. in the 6th grade. By the age of 15, I was shooting on a 1970’s hand-me-down film camera, rolling my own film canisters, processing my own negatives, and creating prints in the darkroom. At the age of 18, I was photographing street art and taping the photos together to create larger panoramic photos before photoshop was a thing.

After 2000, I shifted towards shooting with digital cameras as it was more convenient and more affordable.  In 2010, my long exposure image of a Space Shuttle taking off was featured on the cover of a local magazine. In 2012, I applied and was accepted into the Google Maps Street View Trusted program where I photograph the inside of a business and add them to Google Street View as the “See Inside” feature. 

Besides running my photography company, I do freelance jobs for other photographers and nationwide companies that need local professional photographers to meet with clients and complete the required photography.

My 360-degree panoramic work has been featured on tops sites such as Google Maps Street View’s Main page, where my image was viewed over 25 million times. I have been featured on the 360-degree community site, Roundme. Some of my images were even chosen as editors’ tops pick on sites such as Round.me and 360cities.net. In 2018, Google contacted me to use one of my 360-degree images for the Google Maps Where’s Waldo April Fools joke. As of October 29th, 2019, my images on Google Maps alone, have been viewed 100 million times. Some of my urban exploring 360-degree panoramic images have also been featured on abandonedin360.com

In 2020, I started to focus a little more on portrait photography and have since been published over 115 times with over 50 covers to my name.

Check out some of the images below from my adventures around the world!!

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