OSIRIS-REx Asteriod Sampling Spacecraft

OSIRIS-REx NASA’s Asteroid Sampling Spacecraft.

On August 20, 2016 media was invited out to the Kennedy Space Center for a very special opportunity. NASA invited select media to photograph the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft that will launch next month. This trip to the Florida Space Port was not like any other time I had been out there. The OSIRIS-REx mission is very unique and a first for the American Space Agency because they will be sending the spacecraft on a year long journey to the near earth asteroid, Bennu. While OSIRIS-REx is at the asteroid it will use a variety of cameras and sensors to map and survey the rock. After surveying and mapping the asteroid, OSIRIS-REx will then fly close enough to the Bennu to collect some dirt/dust samples to bring back to earth so scientist can study the asteroids materials. NASA will also archive some of the samples so future generations can study Bennu with new technology they invent.

Arriving at the Kennedy Space Center early Saturday morning, media met at the press site where we were giving special instructions on what equipment was allowed inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility (PHSF) clean room, how to clean our cameras and more. After our equipment was sniffed by a highly trained security canine, we were allowed to board the bus where we were escorted to a second briefing area where mission personnel discussed the mission and where we were giving a safety briefing. The safety briefing is an important part since the PHSF has hazardous materials such as Hydrazine and radioactive material inside.

Here are a couple 360° spherical panoramic I captured while inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility

View more 360° panoramic images at www.Biz360Tours.com

Learn more about the Asteroid Sampling Mission at www.Biz360Tours.com


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