Lake Florence Aerial 360

Aerial 360° Panoramas Above Lake Florence

Aerial 360° panoramas above Lake Florence in Rockledge, Florida. Click the “Play” button below to view the two aerial 360° spherical panoramic images I captured with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional UAV on July 2, 2016.

Both spherical panoramic images were captured at 375 feet above the ground and about 1,000 feet away from me.
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About Lake Florence

Lake Florence is a lake in Brevard County, Florida that connects to Lake Poinsett, the widest lake in Brevard County. This location along the St. Johns river system is a great for launching your kayak, small boat or even your air boat. The lake has been used for over a hundred years as an access point to the life giving St. Johns river system that flows north.

Here is an excerpt from the book “One Hundred years of Rockledge: The Centennial History of Brevard’s Oldest City” by Eric C. Caron (1989)

“Located on the easternmost point of the Lake Poinsett chain, Lake Florence was the southern terminus for most shipping lines which navigated the St. Johns and it provided the closest access to Rockledge at the time. Once at Rockledge Landing, the hearty traveler would then board a wagon drawn by “a four mule team” and head through the thick, mosquito laden underbrush to Rockledge, whose popularity was now growing faster than ever before.”


Lake Florence Little Planets

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